Tashaûn Aird murder trial: Old Bailey jury shown CCTV footage of fatal Somerford Grove attack

Tasha�n Aird had been stabbed nine times according to the post-mortem examination. Picture: Met Poli

Tasha�n Aird had been stabbed nine times according to the post-mortem examination. Picture: Met Police - Credit: met

Footage of the horrifying moment Tashaûn Aird was brutally stabbed to death in a park has been shown to jurors at the Old Bailey.

A boy can be seen repeatedly lunging towards the 15-year-old in Somerford Grove, Stoke Newington, in CCTV images from the night of May 1.

As the footage was slowed down, the Met's investigating officer pointed out "light reflections", which are thought to be the moments the murder weapon could be seen glinting in the light.

In another clip three figures can be seen chasing Tashaûn out of the park, and - with an overarm motion - one youth raises his arm up, aims it down and stabs Tashaûn again.

It is alleged that one of the two 15-year-olds on trial - who both cannot be named for legal reasons - is the person responsible for stabbing Tashaûn - however he claims he's not the person seen in the CCTV footage.

The other 15-year-old and Romaine Williams-Reid, 18, are said to be implicated in joint enterprise and are alleged to have acted as a group "intent on violence".

All three deny murder.

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A fourth defendant, Cayden Stuart, died in custody in June aged 16 while awaiting trial.

He was said to be responsible for stabbing Tashaûn's friend in the back as he cycled out of the park - another moment captured in CCTV footage that was also played to the jury.

"You see him lunge forward to the lower rear section of [the victim] on his bicycle," said the officer. "You will see the victim reel or coil back on his bike, but he continues to cycle. Cayden stops and walks back towards the gate. Only his eyes are in view. He has a full black head covering."

More CCTV images from a convenience store where Tashaûn's friend seeks refuge show the boy bleeding heavily from the wound to his lower back.

He can be seen standing in the shop briefly before going outside, where a member of the public steps in to direct him to an ambulance that happened to be nearby.

Police scoured 190 sources of CCTV to obtain the evidence that forms a key part of the prosecution's case. The jury has also been shown images of an Uber taxi travelling from the Young Hackney hub in Forest Road that Stuart and the two 15-year-olds are said to have travelled in to meet Romaine.