London Fields 17th floor towerblock fall - still a mystery

Why a man fell from the 17th floor of a towerblock to his death this summer remains a mystery, after a coroner delivered an open verdict on Tuesday.

Kitchen assistant Chun Ping Yip was found on the ground outside Welshpool House in Welshpool Street, London Fields, on July 16 just before 9pm, and died on the scene of multiple injuries.

Police cordoned off the area as a crime scene, but CCTV images show it is highly likely that the Hong-Kong born 31-year old who worked locally jumped out of the window himself.

CCTV images show Mr Yip sitting waiting for some time outside the building before he gains access by following someone in.

He sits waiting inside for 10 minutes, before taking the lift to the 16th floor, and the stairs to reach the 17th, where he is seen looking at windows.

The last images of him alive show him walking towards the window where his glasses were later found on the windowsill.

CCTV images then show him falling past a camera outside the building before hitting the ground.

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The investigating sergeant described how the way the windows were angled would have made it hard for anyone to climb out, but scuff marks were found outside this window which could have indicated a forced exit.

No suicide note was ever found, and his GP had not expressed concern about his mental state, and it was unclear why Mr Yip had come to Welshpool House that night.

Sgt Burns from Stoke Newington Police Station could not confirm whether his home address was searched. “If it was it was much later after my involvement,” he said.

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway recorded an open verdict.

“I’m troubled I don’t have any evidence as to his state of mind at the time,” she said.

“Very little is known of his background there’s no evidence of him having spoken to anyone in period preceding his death.

“While it seems possible or as high as likely that he’s climbed out of the window with the intention of taking his own life, in law I need to be sure that he took his own life and I don’t feel it would be fair or right to take that view on evidence I don’t have.”