Man fined for smoking in Lower Clapton club

Owner also slapped with fine for man sparking up.

A MAN has been fined �50 for smoking in a social club after Hackney Council prosecuted him and the owner.

Adnan Sozuguzel, 53, of Pownall Road, Haggerston, pleaded guilty to smoking in the Turkish Social Club in Clarence Road, Lower Clapton, in November 2009.

Mehmet Erdem, 44 of Clarence Road and the owner of the club, pleaded guilty to failing to prevent smoking in a smoke free premises.

Both appeared at Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday September 22 where Sozuguzel was hit with a �50 fine and conditional discharge of 12 months.

Erdem was ordered to pay �100 and given a conditional discharge of 18 months.

Both men face being prosecuted if smoking is found to take place at the premises.

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Since July 2007 it has been against the law to smoke in all enclosed public spaces.