Man jailed for guns and ammo charge

Young man stopped and searched by police.

A MAN stopped by police on a stolen bike has been jailed for five years after a search of his house revealed two guns and ammunition.

Yinka Ademola, 21, of Well Street, South Hackney, was stopped by officers in Loddiges Road in July this year on a bike which he claimed he borrowed from a friend.

However Ademola could not remember the friend’s name and a check revealed the bike was registered to a man living in Pimlico.

Ademola was arrested and officers then searched his home where they found two guns wrapped in red bandanas in a wardrobe in his bedroom.

Both guns were replicas but one had been converted to be able to fire live ammunition.

Ademola was jailed for five years at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday September 24 for possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

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Detective Constable, Rhodri Gardner, said: “Ademola has received the 5 year minimum sentence for this offence and I would hope that this will deter others from such crimes.

“Without officers’ using their stop and search powers Ademola’s felony may never have been detected. With every recovery of a firearm its eventual use in a shooting has been prevented, along with a serious injury or worse.”