Man touting for sex in London Fields caught by mobile number left in toilet

Hackney Police track down man seeking public sex in London Fields toilet.

A MAN who wrote crude graffiti on a toilet wall inviting other men to have sex with him was caught after leaving his mobile number daubed on a cubicle.

The man, in his early 50s, had written the note offering sexual services in the toilets in London Fields, close to Martello Street, in the hope of engaging in lewd acts with other males in the public lavatory.

His hopes were short lived as the only excitement he received was when officers from Queensbridge Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) knocked on his door to confront him on Friday October 29.

Sgt Chris Scott, Queensbridge SNT, said: “We have had an ongoing problem with that toilet but it had gone quiet recently.

“We were contacted a while ago by the council’s parks team who had discovered the toilet was named on a website as a place to meet up.”

Officers began patrolling the area and discovered the toilet had been adapted to allow sex acts to take place.

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Police and the parks department got the ‘renovations’ repaired and things calmed down but while on patrol Sgt Scott discovered the new graffiti.

“It was of a sexual nature to meet up with other chaps in there. I did enquiries through the phone number and through a lot of digging found out who owned it and they lived nearby,” he said.

“He was very embarrassed. I don’t think he expected us to go to those sort of lengths to catch him.

“Some people may think this would not harm anyone but the park is used by families and many others and we are committed to ensuring they can go about their business peacefully.

“By showing that we are taking this kind of action and finding those responsible we are sending out a message saying we will not tolerate criminality.”

The man, who cannot be named, admitted causing criminal damage and was issued with an �80 Penalty Notice.