Man who threatened Dalston driver with kitchen knife after Shacklewell Lane collision is jailed

Alexis Odita

Alexis Odita - Credit: police

A man with 31 convictions has been sent to prison for threatening a driver with a large kitchen knife – and berated by a judge for his “appalling criminal record”.

The knife which Odita threatened the motorist with

The knife which Odita threatened the motorist with - Credit: polcie

Alexis Odita pulled the weapon out of his trouser pocket to threaten the driver who he claims hit his leg after he walked out in front him in Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, on September 16.

Wood Green Crown Court heard Odita told the man: “I’ll stab you, you know,” then fled the scene.

The shocked driver flagged down police officers who found knife nearby in a bush.

When police caught up with him that night, Odita was found with “a small amount of cocaine for personal use” on him. He initially blamed the driver for threatening him with the knife but has since pleaded guilty to possession offensive weapon in a public place and possession of cocaine.

Odita, 39, of Evering Road, Stoke Newington, has 31 convictions for 57 offences since 1993 which include possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a gun, theft, robbery, aggravated burglary and ABH.

In November he was sentenced to an 18-month community order for threatening his partner.

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His barrister, who asked the judge to impose a suspended sentence rather than a jail term, said: “He was worried for his safety and struggling with depression at the time.

Judge Joanne Greenberg said: “We only have to look at our newspapers to see that four young men were killed over Christmas by people carrying knives. There is no excuse for it.”

Sentencing him to 10 months imprisonment for the knife and seven days for the drugs, Judge Greenberg said: “You have a truly appalling criminal record. In the past few weeks several young men have died and the courts cannot overlook your behaviour.”