Marcel Addai murder: Four men jailed for nearly 100 years over ‘swift, brutal and ruthless’ Hoxton killing

(L-R) Marcel Addai's killers Sodiq Adebayo, Momar Faye, Sheku Jalloh and Rickell Rogers

(L-R) Marcel Addai's killers Sodiq Adebayo, Momar Faye, Sheku Jalloh and Rickell Rogers - Credit: Archant

Four “remorseless and ruthless” gang members who murdered 17-year-old Marcel Addai in a ferocious knife attack have been sentenced to nearly a century behind bars.

Marcel Addai was stabbed to death

Marcel Addai was stabbed to death - Credit: Archant

Mr Addai, 17, was chased and stabbed 14 times in St John’s Estate, Pitfield Street, Hoxton, on September 4 last year.

Rikell Rogers, 22, of Goldney Road, Maida Vale; Sodiq Adebayo, 23, of De Vere Gardens, Ilford; and Sheku Jalloh, 23, of Crondall Court, St John’s Estate have been handed a minimum term of 25 years for murder, after being found guilty by a jury’s majority verdict of 11 to 1.

Momar Faye, 18, of no fixed address, has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after he was found guilty of murder by a majority verdict of 10-2

Mr Addai was a member of the Hoxton Boys gang, who were embroiled in a fierce rivalry with the Fellows Court gang, of which Rogers, Adebayo and Jalloh were members.

The four men had travelled to the estate in three cars - along with three other men who were acquitted of murder - before attacking Mr Addai and his friends, who had thrown a bottle in their direction.

Mr Addai tried to run away but was seen by a number of witnesses to fall to the ground before being kicked, punched and stabbed.

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The Old Bailey hear how one “long bladed knife” entered the back of his upper chest to penetrate his heart with “severe force” in what was described as an “overarm bowler’s action” by one witness.

Another went through the front of his chest through his right lung to strike the back of his chest.

Sentencing them, Her Honour Judge Poulet said today: “You knew you were entering a street in the heart of the Hoxton Boys territory, and drove to the very corner the gang was well known to frequent.

“It may be Marcel was holding a knife in his hand but he was soon to drop that. You ran forward and he turned to flee – he tripped as he did so and a number of you then attacked him with knives as he tried to flee. You acted together with a single purpose.

“It was swift, brutal and ruthless. He died on the pavement as you drove away in the three cars.”

She continued: “This case is yet another example of the terrible grip that gang culture has on the men that embrace it.

“Your conduct since your arrests and throughout this trial has shown a ruthlessness, as well as a complete lack of remorse, a cruel disregard of the pain Marcel undoubtedly suffered that night and the continuing anguish of his family.

“You have made repeatedly clear your only concern is that you might be caught and your only emotion is panic as you tried to evade capture.

“You were all bought to justice by particularly impressive and extensive police work.”

Each of the four defendants were handcuffed and separated by prison officers as the verdict was read out, after a scuffle broke out in the dock when they were found guilty last Wednesday.

Seven men were identified by officers and arrested within a matter of days of the stabbing.

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