Marcel Addai murder trial: alleged killers shouted ‘I’m gonna f*** you up, bruv’

Marcel Addai. Picture: Metropolitan Police

Marcel Addai. Picture: Metropolitan Police - Credit: Archant

A Hoxton teenager was hunted down by seven rival gang members and “ferociously” stabbed to death, a court heard this afternoon.

The attackers of Marcel Addai, 18, were allegedly heard shouting: “I’m gonna f*** you up.”

They then inflicted 12 stab wounds, some of which were 10cm deep, it was said.

On September 4 last year, Mr Addai was cornered in the St John’s Estate in Pitfield Street, Hoxton, near his home in Wenlock House, Evelyn Walk.

A member of the Hoxton Boys gang, Mr Addai’s death has been linked by prosecutors to a bitter rivalry with the Fellows Court Gang.

Seven defendants, all said to be linked to the Fellows Court Gang, deny murder.

They are Sodiq Adebayo, 23, of De Vere Gardens, Ilford; Akeem Gbadamosi, 22, of Detmold Road, Clapton; Eugene Ocran, 19, of Fermain Court West, De Beauvoir Road, Haggerston; Momar Faye, 18, of no fixed address; David Oladimeji, 21, of Axon Place, Ilford; Sheku Jalloh, 23, of Crondall Court, St John’s Estate; and Rikell Rogers, 22, of Goldney Road, Maida Vale.

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The trial began at the Old Bailey today. Prosecutor Mark Haywood told the jury neighbours heard the “sound of violence” at about 10pm after three cars – a Mercedes, Vauxhall and BMW – parked up in the same order as CCTV had recorded them travelling minutes before.

Mr Haywood said: “Those inside, or some of them, got out. Accounts vary between three and seven people. There was also one account suggesting one remained in control of a car.

“It was a joint and lethal purpose. There were shouts and screams. Marcel Addai was desperate to get away. He zig-zagged left and right, as if to escape.

“He moved towards the St John’s Estate pathway. He tripped, or was pushed. They surrounded him. What followed can only be described as a totally brutal and ferocious attack.

“The common purpose and intent can be shown with the words, ‘I’m gonna f*** you up, bruv.’ These were heard at least three times during the early stages.

“There were multiple strikes, one overarm with a tapered-style kitchen knife 10 to 12 inches long. Mr Addai is described as curling in a foetal position to protect himself. It finished almost as quickly as it began.

“The car engines were still running [as the attackers made their getaway]. Mr Addai got to his feet to move away but dropped to the floor. In reality, despite the best efforts of those who tended to him, he was beyond help.”

A knife, said to belong to Mr Addai, was found near the scene. “If it was his, he certainly had no opportunity to use it,” Mr Haywood said.

Mr Addai was pronounced dead at 11.47pm. He sustained 14 separate injuires: 12 stab wounds and two slash wounds.

The trial continues.