Neighbours’ fury as ravers blast ‘really bad’ music at derelict Mare Street mansion - for 12 HOURS

The ravers were seen on the roof of the 300-year-old building the following morning.

The ravers were seen on the roof of the 300-year-old building the following morning. - Credit: Archant

Ravers inflicted 12 hours of “really bad” ’90s techno on neighbours of a derelict Mare Street mansion this weekend.

Squatters were evicted from the building in 2013. Picture: Rossana Tich

Squatters were evicted from the building in 2013. Picture: Rossana Tich - Credit: Archant

About 30 squatters pitched up at the New Lansdowne Club late on Saturday night with a van-full of sound equipment – and partied until midday yesterday.

Furious homeowners made repeated calls to police and Hackney Council in the early hours, but the rave was allowed to carry on.

A group of partygoers were even spotted on the roof of the 300-year-old Grade-II listed building yesterday.

“It was horrendous,” said Roberto De Sanctis, 41, who lives in a nearby block. “Some people here have young babies, others had to work.

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“It looked like it was organised. They had pretty extensive sound equipment, a whole van full – they knew what they were doing. Our apartments were all shaking with the music. It was really bad, early ’90s techno and they were pumping it up.”

Police did come at 2am but the party continued. Roberto called back at 3am but was on hold for more than an hour – before being told it was a town hall issue. But calls to the council’s noise complaints team went through to an answer phone.

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The music eventually stopped and the ravers left at about midday, but not before a spot of sunbathing on top of the building.

“That roof ain’t safe,” added Roberto. “The building and roof have not been maintained for over a decade and according to a report commissioned by the owner, are in bad condition requiring major repair.”

Contractors were this morning seen securing the site, but neighbours are fearing the worst.

“We’re worried it will happen again and no one will come out again,” added Roberto.

“It was definitely a police matter. It was a quality of life issue – it was a rave they could have stopped.”

The historic building was home to the Elizabeth Fry Institute for Reformation of Women Prisoners in 1860 and later a working men’s club named the New Lansdowne Club, which closed in 2000.

It has been empty ever since and in 2013 squatters had to be evicted. A planning application has now been made to redevelop the building.

Hackney’s group director for neighbourhoods Kim Wright said the town hall had received a number of calls but officers were dealing with another incident. She said when they called back later in the night they were told the noise had died down.

She added: “We will be working with the owner to prevent access to the property in future and monitoring it for any further nuisance, as we will not tolerate this kind of disturbance to our residents.”

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