Mother left “shocked” after gunshots fired outside her home

No victim or suspect was found by police after reports of shooting

No victim or suspect was found by police after reports of shooting - Credit: Archant

A mother-of-two was left “really shocked” after she was told a shooting happened right outside her door.

Officers were called to Norcott Road in Stoke Newington just after 1pm yesterday following reports of a shooting.

The mother, 34, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s a very quiet and friendly place. We moved here four years ago and have been really happy with the friendly neighbourhood.

“So a shooting on the street is really shocking and strange, completely the opposite of what I have come to expect after living here for four years.

“I have two small children and lots of people on this side of Norcott Road have kids.

“I can think of six little ones off the top of my head, and the children who live on the corner often roller-skate and ride bikes in the street.”

Residents were initially unable to walk down the street after police had cordoned off the area that forensic teams were working on.

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A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed firearms casing had been recovered from the street but no suspect or victim had been found.

The resident said she walked past blood on the pavement after being escorted home by officers.

She added: “I came home about 3pm and the southern half of Norcott Road was cordoned off.

“I asked if I could go home and they originally said no but then eventually they escorted me past some blood which was right outside my house.

“A police officer later came to my door and said that a firearm was discharged directly in front of my house around 1pm.”

Police have made no arrests and enquiries continue.