Mother of young woman shot dead on Hackney doorstep relives attack

The mother of a young Turkish woman allegedly shot dead by a 15-year-old hitman in Hackney broke down in court a today (Thursday) as she relived the final days of her daughter’s life.

Dondu Subasi wept as she told how Gulistan, 26, was killed before she had the chance to give her own son his ninth birthday present.

Ms Subasi was found being cradled by her mother after she was gunned down on her doorstep in Kingsmead Way shortly before 8.22pm on March 22 last year, jurors have heard.

She is alleged to have been the target of a contract killing, arranged by her former partner Serdar Ozbek, over the custody of their son.

The victim had moved to Turkey after splitting from Ozbek while her son had remained in Britain.

Mrs Subasi, speaking through an interpreter, said she had bought her daughter a ticket to come to stay.

“She was specially coming for her son’s birthday. She was going to give him his present but unfortunately she could not because she arrived on the 20th and on the 22nd...”

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Mrs Subasi then broke down in tears and had to be taken out of court.

When she returned, jurors heard read her witness statement recalling the moments before her daughter had been killed.

The prosecution say a 15 year-old hitman was paid just �200 to carry out the murder.

It was allegedly ordered by Ozbek, 28, of Wood Green, who feared a ‘loss of face’ if he lost custody of his son.

Ozbek denies murder along with the accused gunman, now 16, who cannot be named, Izak Billy, 21, of Willesden, Zeon Jackman, 22, and Paul Nicolaou, 28, of Tottenham, Leigh Bryan, 25, of Hornsey, and another 16-year-old youth.

The trial continues.