Owner’s fury at illegal warehouse party in Hackney Wick

Ravers are regularly holding illegal raves in Hackney Wick

Ravers are regularly holding illegal raves in Hackney Wick - Credit: Archant

A warehouse owner has spoken of scenes of “wanton destruction” after more than 300 revellers broke into his property for an illegal rave.

Bob Howes’ workshop in Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, was left with £20,000 of damage after the all-night party.

He says it was left strewn with used needles and covered with urine and faeces.

He received a call about the rave at 6am on June 16 to say it was being held at his warehouse.

Mr Howes, of Essex, said: “When I got there, there were about 300 to 400 people. There were too many people for the police to evict from the premises. Apparently people had been partying from 2am. At 12pm people eventually started packing up to leave.”

When people started leaving, Mr Howes described scenes of “wanton destruction”. He said: “They urinated and defecated all over the place even though there are four toilets in the premises.

“I found hypodermic needles, balloons for laughing gas and cylinders of laughing gas.

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“There was graffiti everywhere – in some instances people had just taken spray cans to the walls.”

Mr Howe, who uses the premises to manufacture kitchen work tops, said: “They used angle grinders to take off the padlocks. They smashed up quite a bit of equipment and stole tools.”

He added: “I’m not totally averse to young people enjoying themselves but I’m angry about the wanton destruction. There’s no need to smash things up.”

He believes more could be done to prevent such parties, which are thought to take place regularly in the area.

“The council noise enforcement officers have the powers to seize the sound systems, which would help stop the parties in their tracks,” he said.

Residents who were kept up all night by the noise wrongly believed the party was taking place at the neighbouring The Colourworks – an arts and events space in Wallis Road – and complained to the council.

Leon Wright, of The Colourworks, said: “The Colourworks have not been involved with any late-night entertainment or parties since November 2012 as we have been jumping through hoops to try to obtain a licence for nearly eight months now.

“The parties that happened were illegal squat raves, the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve at The Colourworks.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council operates an out-of-hours noise pollution service from Thursday to Sunday and is able to respond to all complaints from members of the public. We will then work with our partners from Metropolitan Police to carry out any necessary enforcement action.”