Police chase into Hackney sees motorcyclist hurled 50 yards down the road

Witnesses saw a motorcyclist hurled 50 yards down the road after it smashed into a car during a police chase.

Tower Hamlets police were following the man on his motorbike over the borough border into Mare Street, when the motorbike collided with another car at around 11pm on Saturday September 29.

“The car front was ripped off and the bike flew down the road for 30 yards and the man ended up 50 yards from the collision, he lay in the road,” said witness Mick Winn.

“His crash helmet was some 15 yards further on, he was bleeding from the head and had back injuries,” he added.

A Tower Hamlets police spokesman said the rider was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and taken to hospital from where he was bailed.

“There was no contact between the police vehicle and the motorbike,” he added.