Police hail Stamfrod Hill’s Jewish safety patrol’s role in arrests

Members of Shomrim Stamford Hill with Hackney Police

Members of Shomrim Stamford Hill with Hackney Police - Credit: Archant

»Members of a uniformed orthodox Jewish street safety patrol have been praised by one of Hackney’s top police officers after they helped to catch two suspects who allegedly preyed on vulnerable pensioners.

Shomrim, which reports suspicious incidents and crimes to police, was given a vote of support and confidence from a delegation of senior police officers from Stoke Newington on Wednesday.

After an appeal by the Gazette for information about two suspects, the Shomrim team identified two people and called police who arrested the pair. They are now in custody.

Supt David Grainger said: “We’ve heard a lot of good stuff about you guys and this is a great opportunity to say a quick hello, and thank you, for your help.

“As long as I am around, you will get a lot of support from me.

Det Con Gary Moore added: “We made an appeal and you guys got in contact very quickly – as a result arrests have been made and they have been charged with a variety of things.

“Without you, we wouldn’t have made the arrests. Thank you, and thank you for everything you do to make the community safer.”

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Shomrim patrol members were also invited to the town hall by the Speaker of Hackney, Cllr Michael Desmond, for a reception in his parlour to express the council’s appreciation for their work and achievements in the past few months.


The volunteer members give up four hours a day to patrol the neighbourhood in their own vehicles and are on call 24-hours a day with walkie-talkies.

Member Shulem Stern said: “It’s very positive and satisfying to be thanked like this.

“Every time you hear a thank you, on the street or wherever, it is an honour.”

n For more about the group and Hackney police follow them at https://twitter.com/ShomrimOfficial and https://twitter.com/MPSHackney.