Police set to ban sales of ‘zombie killer’ knives

Weapon uncovered by Pc Alex Ware last July

Weapon uncovered by Pc Alex Ware last July - Credit: Archant

Sales of so-called “zombie killer” knives are set to be banned amid fears teenagers are increasingly carrying knives in the mistaken belief they offer protection.

Last July, a two-foot long knife was found concealed in a bush by a Walthamstow-based officer, during a street sweep routine search in Hackney.

The version uncovered was advertised on Amazon as an ‘apocalyptic head decapitator killer sword’ and had a 17-inch stainless steel blade.

Police suspected the weapon may have been hidden by gang members.

Police chiefs are concerned at the damage that such weapons can cause if used in an attack, warning that the mixture of sharp points and serrated edges on the knives would be likely to inflict lethal injuries in a stabbing.

The serrated knives are sold by online retailers and shops as a collectors item, for as little as £8.

It is believed that police bosses and home office officials decided to make a move to ban the weapons at a meeting last month.

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A‘two strike’ system is already in place meaning repeat offenders being given mandatory six month prison sentences for carrying a knife.