Rapist jailed 21 years after brutal attack on Clapton woman

A brazen rapist, who attacked a woman in her Clapton home and then returned a month later to burgle her, has been jailed 21 years after the crime following a cold case review by police.

Anthony Jordan, 50, denied the rape charge but was jailed for 13 and half years yesterday (Wednesday) at the Old Bailey.

He had admitted the burglary in 1991 and was jailed for 18 months, but he escaped justice for the rape because primitive DNA forensic techniques at the time could only produce a one-in-160 match.

Jordan was linked again to the crime last year when a cold case review using new profiling techniques gave a one-in-a-billion DNA match, using a sample from the victim’s dressing gown.

Jordan, of Susan’s Road, Eastbourne, had broken a lounge window to get into the Clapton flat, and his victim, then aged 50, was attacked in her own bed.

A month later, Jordan was caught red-handed as he burgled the woman’s home, after breaking the same window to get in. He’d accidentally set off a panic alarm she had installed after the attack.

Det Con Jenny Thrower, of the Met’s rape investigation unit, Sapphire, said she was pleased justice had “finally caught up” with Jordan.

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She added: “He clearly thought he had got away with his crime, but thanks to advanced DNA techniques he was wrong.

“It illustrates that, even decades after a rape or other sexual assault, the Met will not rest until every investigative avenue has been exhausted.”