Rapist locked victim in his mother’s home for three days

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams - Credit: Archant

The sister of a woman who went through a three-day sex ordeal could not recognise her when she finally fled, as she had been so severely beaten.

Andrew Williams, 28, lured the woman to his mother’s home in Boyne House, Charnwood Street, Upper Clapton and trapped her in his bedroom, where he hacked off her hair with kitchen scissors and repeatedly beat her with a chair leg.

He cut her clothes from her body, chopped them into small pieces and beat her around the face with her own belt buckle while his mother and sister were in adjoining rooms.

She was too terrified to flee and believed Williams was going to kill her.

When he finally allowed her to go on 2 February, she had been so severely beaten that her own sister didn’t recognise her.

Williams, who is originally from Bermuda, was convicted of rape and causing grievous bodily harm after a trial at Snaresbrook Crown court, and has been jailed for 16 years.

Williams, who has previous convictions for assaulting a police officer and possession of drugs, claimed that she had asked him to cut her hair and had only stayed so long because the haircut had gone wrong and she was embarrassed to go out.

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He admitted punching her, but said he had only hit her three or four times on the arms.

Williams repeatedly interrupted the hearing, yelling ‘you’re just trying to make me look bad’ and shouting ‘I’ll beat it on appeal’.

Judge Canavan said: “When you finally let her leave she was in a desperate state – the beating that you handed out to her was so extreme her own sister could not recognise her,’ she said.

Williams was ordered to serve two-thirds of his sentence in custody and will serve an extended license period of five years following his release.

Det Const Kevin Christou, from Hackney’s Community Safety Unit and investigating officer, said: “Andrew Williams is a dangerous individual and the sentence reflects the seriousness of his offending.

“I am hopeful the sentencing of Williams will allow some closure and help her to move forward to rebuild her life.”

Det Insp Barry Loader added: “Sexual assault is about control and domination by the offender.

“This investigation should be a warning to perpetrators of sexual violence; there is no requirement for a victim to say ‘no’ they don’t consent.

“The reality is many victims will freeze during an attack through fear or shock.

“Police officers will take all reports seriously and we are committed to listening, understanding and helping victims by providing support and respecting their wishes.”