Rat-infested Dalston takeaway Bombay Munch shut down

The droppings found in Bombay Munch, Dalston

The droppings found in Bombay Munch, Dalston - Credit: Archant

A rat-infested Indian takeaway has been shut down after fresh droppings and urine were found across the premises – including on food containers.

A “heavily gnawed” flour sack was also discovered in the food storage and preparation room at Bombay Munch in Shacklewell Lane.

Environmental health officers from Hackney Council visited the business last week after being contacted by a member of the public.

On inspection, they were “overwhelmed” by the smell of rat urine in the rear room used to prepare food. Fresh droppings were also found on the floor, on shelving and on the plastic boxes used for dishing up meals.

The serious health risk and a lack of personal hygiene provisions led to an Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice being issued to the owners, Dalston (London) Limited, requiring it to close immediately.

At Stratford Magistrates Court on Friday, the council was granted permission to close Bombay Munch using a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.

It will remain shut until work is completed by environmental health officers and they are given a certificate allowing them to trade.

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Cathy Gallagher, Hackney’s assistant director of planning, said: “It is unacceptable for food premises to disregard their duty to protect the health and welfare of their customers.

“We carry out regular inspections across the borough as a matter of course and following reports from the public. If levels of food hygiene are found to be below acceptable levels, legal action is taken to ensure that people are kept safe.

“We would like to encourage people to come forwards and report bad food hygiene practices in order for us to investigate and take necessary action.”

To make a report about any environmental health concerns, call 0208 356 4911.