Shereka Marsh’s killer was given gun for ‘safekeeping’ after earlier shooting

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon - Credit: Archant

A gang member who shot two rivals with the handgun later used to kill 15-year-old Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh, has been jailed.

Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh

Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh - Credit: Archant

Andrew Gordon, 26, of Urswick Road, Hackney, shot two men with the Birivetta 7.65mm pistol at point blank range through their car window as they sat in traffic.

After the shooting the gun was handed to a junior member of his gang – the Balance Boys of Hackney – for safekeeping.

The 15-year-old boy was showing off the weapon to Shereka in his bedroom when it went off and fired a bullet into her neck.

He was jailed for nine years for manslaughter in October.

Gordon, whose father and uncle are both serving life sentences for murder, was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a prohibited firearm following a two-week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

He targeted Yahaya Ibrahim Usmen and Troy Strachan, two members of the rival Pembury Boys gang, after spotting them in Median Road, Lower Clapton, in the early evening of February 21 last year.

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Gordon fired three shots through their car window. One grazed Ibrahim Usmen’s abdomen while the other two bullets hit the rear seat and the protective rubber around the window of the car.

A female passenger, who was never identified, escaped unharmed and Judge Joanna Korner said Gordon was “either a terrible shot or suffering from nerves”.

Gordon was then chased and stabbed by both Ibrahim Usmen and Strachan in the street before police arrived at the scene.

He was arrested and taken to Homerton Hospital for treatment but the gun was not recovered before the killing of Shereka on March 22 last year.

Neither Ibrahim Usmen or Strachan gave evidence at Gordon’s trial in December.

Ibrahim Usmen, 24, of no fixed abode was jailed for 16 years alongside fellow gang members Corey White, 23, of Banner House, Roscoe Street, Shoreditch, and Ruben Loufimpou, 22, of no fixed abode, in January for stabbing 15-year-old Carlon Smith through the eyeball on April 4 last year.

Sentencing Gordon to 17 years imprisonment extended for three years, Judge Korner said: “One of the more extreme features of this case, and a reflection perhaps of the violence of gang culture, is that they bypassed the judicial process, they caught you on an estate and proceeded to exact revenge there and then.

“Indeed, of the injuries caused that evening it seems yours were the most serious.”