Shoreditch strip club hammer attack

Ray Okunbi

Ray Okunbi - Credit: Archant

A thug thrown out of a Shoreditch strip club, returned with a hammer and hit the doorman on his head as he shouted he wanted to kill him in a “sinister and pre-meditated” attack.

Ray Okunbi

Ray Okunbi - Credit: Archant

Ray Okunbi, 51, of Gascoigne Place, Shoreditch, was asked to leave the White Horse Public House in Shoreditch High Street on June 25 at 10pm, as he was drinking alcohol which he had not bought inside.

He swore at the doorman who made the request, and before he left he threatened to return and assault him.

Within two hours he returned, having changed his clothes and wearing latex gloves and a baseball cap which police believe was an attempt to conceal his identity.

The doorman was standing at the bar’s entrance, and without warning Okunbi struck him several times on the head with a household claw hammer.


Fearing for his life, he fled inside the bar, and Okunubi then tried unsuccessfully to break through the solid door using the weapon.

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He then ran to a side door and smashed through a glass panel in order to get inside where he continued to rain blows on the doorman’s head, shouting that he was going to “kill him”.

One customer who helped to overpower and disarm Okunubi was bitten on the hand.

The doorman sustained swelling to his head and injuries to his forearms, which he had used to deflect the hammer blows.

Det Sgt Paul Ridley from the Hackney violent crime unit said the victim was lucky to escape the attack alive.

He added: “The victim was merely carrying out his duties as a member of door staff and this was a sustained and unprovoked attack.

“He did not foresee the brave actions of the customers in the bar that came to the victim’s aid and were able to disarm him. The six year sentence reflects the aggravated circumstances of this crime and the dangerousness of the offender.”

Okunubi, who was arrested at the scene, pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court and on October 10 was sentenced to six years for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm, 12 months for possession of a hammer in a public place and nine months for actual bodily harm, all to run concurrently.