St Patrick’s Day towpath murder trial: Witness heard ‘commotion’ and ‘saw accused crouched by Sylvester Silcott’s body’

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald - Credit: Shirly MacDonald

A friend of Homerton stab victim Tyrone Silcott today recounted the horrific moment he saw the dad of two bleeding to death beside his alleged murderer.

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald - Credit: Shirly MacDonald

Mr Silcott, known as Sylvester, was stabbed multiple times next to the canal in Towpath Walk, Homerton, at 8.15am on March 18.

Jurors at Snaresbrook Crown Court were shown horrific images of the fatal stab wound this morning. It went 10cm deep – through Sylvester’s thyroid gland, windpipe, and the carotid artery which takes blood to the brain – and out again through his neck.

Bleeding would have been “immediate and very profuse”, leading to “rapid” death, according to Home Office pathologist Robert Chapman.

Sylvester, 42, was also stabbed at the top of his back, with the blade going right through his body and exiting the front of his arm.

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald

Silvester Silcott. Picture: Shirly MacDonald - Credit: Shirly MacDonald

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Paramedics tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The father-of two had been at a party hosted by his friend Jasmine Lewis at her home, along with about 40 others from the Montserrat community – including Rowmando Lewis, who is accused of his murder.

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The fatal attack happened as witness Omarlie Cabey was leaving the party, which had ended at 8am.

He walked past Sylvester – a mechanic who used to fix his car – leaning on the railing of the canal facing the house.

According to other witnesses Sylvester had just had an argument with a woman “about a DJ’s microphone”.

As he opened his car door Mr Cabey “heard a commotion” and bottles being smashed, turned around and “saw people running and screaming”.

He realised Sylvester was on the floor, and saw Lewis – who he grew up with and knows as “Mando” – “crouched and coming away from Sylvester”.

“Did you notice anything unusual about the appearance of Mando at that point?” asked Mr Atkinson from the CPS. “About his clothing?”

“There was so much going on,” said Mr Cabey. “At that point I didn’t really care about Mando - my friend was on the floor. The blood was all over the place. On people. I even had some on me.”

“Who else was the blood on?” asked Mr Akinson.

“Everyone who was near to Sylvester,” he replied.

“And that means who?”

“Me. Jasmine.”

Mr Atkinson reminded Mr Cabey he had reported seeing blood on Mando’s hands, black top and shirt at the time.

Reading from his witness statement, Mr Cabey said: “I asked Mando what happened. I held him by his arm, shook him, and asked: ‘What’s going on?’

“I pushed Mando off him and stood up and Mando was shouting loudly and swearing: ‘Get off. Nobody touch me.’”

Mr Cabey added: “I wouldn’t say he was on top of him. He was the closest and I pushed him.”

Ms Warren, for the defence, asked Mr Cabey: “Realistically, did it look like Mando had something to do with it?”

“Realistically and honestly at that point, I would have thought he was the only one who had something to do with it,” said Mr Cabey. “He was shocked as much as anybody. His shock was angry shock.”

Ms Warren said: “Because of the assumption you made, that he was something to do with it, you put forward his name. From the crouch, and the way he was coming away from him.”

“I wouldn’t say I ‘put his name out there’. I’m just saying what I saw,” said Mr Cabey.

Lewis, 28, of Cunningham Avenue, Enfield, denies murder. The trial continues.

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