Stalker with ‘explosive personality’ who fixed GPS tracker to ex’s car jailed for 18 months

Kieron Caesar. Picture: MET POLICE

Kieron Caesar. Picture: MET POLICE - Credit: Archant

A stalker who hounded his ex-girlfriend for six months and planted a tracking device under her car has been jailed for a year and a half.

Police said Kieron Caesar of Sandringham Road, Dalston, harassed his former partner after they broke up, sending her gifts and flowers, phoning her and twice turning up at her workplace witout warning during the ordeal.

In one incident, Caesar’s ex ran into the Rimini restaurant in Green Lanes to avoid him after he turned up outside a nail bar. But he waited outside the eatery for an hour and a half before blocking her car in the road as she tried to escape.

Officers warned the 29-year-old to stop – issuing him with an harrassment warning after his ex called them last September. But he carried on texting and FaceTime messaging his former partner.

It got so bad, according to police, that the woman started to write down every incident in a “victim diary” that included videos, photos and Caesar’s messages.

In police interviews she admitted he had started to lose his temper and become aggressive towards her during their relationship, which lasted less than a year.

She explained to police Caesar had “an explosive personality” – describing one time he turned up at a friend’s house and stood outside in the street yelling at her.

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He kept on even after she changed her phone number twice and started to ignore him. He even posed as a police officer and called her house in an attempt to get her to give him her new mobile number.

Caesar – who Scotland Yard say has “strong links” to the London Fields Boys gang – sent another ex-girlfriend abusive messages when he was in jail serving a previous sentence, police said.

The GPS device was uncovered after police searched Caesar’s mum’s address where they found the packaging for the gadget lying around the house.

Officers found the device hidden in the chassis of his ex’s car.

Caesar was arrested during a dawn raid in October in which he is reported to have told police: “I didn’t realise sending an ex gifts was stalking.”

Caesar pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court. Besides 18 months in jail he was issued with a lifetime restraining order on December 21.

Insp Paul Clarke from the Met’s central north command said: “This was a very distressing series of events for the victim, who was stalked by a dangerous and predatory individual with a history of violence.

“The victim was able to keep a diary of events that, with the very high quality evidence collected by the investigating detective, provided an extremely comprehensive case against Caesar, leaving him with no realistic option but to plead guilty,” he added.