Stoke Newington salon owner left ‘shaking’ after burglars steal £7,000 worth of stock

Oya Seis in her shop, where burglars stole £7,000 worth of stock. Picture: Nina Lloyd

Oya Seis in her shop, where burglars stole £7,000 worth of stock. Picture: Nina Lloyd - Credit: Archant

Burglars raided an independent beauty salon in Stoke Newington and stole £7,000 worth of products last week.

Owner Oya Seis, 34, was left “shaking” when she arrived at Beautify Health and Beauty on Tuesday to find the door kicked in and her stock missing.

“It’s just me working here alone and it makes me feel really scared,” Oya told the Gazette. “With all these stabbings going on, if I’d been in, anything could have happened.

“This business is my baby, I’ve built it from scratch over 10 years. It’s all I have. All my earnings and savings go back into the business. I’ve put everything into it so now I just feel distraught.”

Police sent a forensics team the day after the break-in, and told Oya to expect a visit from local officers the next day. She’s still waiting.

“I’ve called multiple times and had nothing. I know it’s not any one individual’s fault, but I just feel so let down and anxious,” she said.

Oya believes that the burglary occurred between 5.30pm to midnight on Monday.

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“When I saw the broken door and the products on the floor it was like cold water being thrown over me,” Oya said. “I was shaking. I had to call up to the nursery manager [from the upstairs business] because I was so scared.”

She then realised the CCTV box had also been taken, which would have held any incriminating footage of the burglary.

Oya said police offered her a number to contact for emotional support, but that “what would make [her] feel better emotionally is knowing police are here and can keep people safe”.

She blames police cuts for the lack of response, citing another burglary seven years ago: “I had a phone stolen here back then and they acted straight away. It’s definitely connected to cuts. This time it was very different and I’ve heard nothing.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “The scene was examined forensically and no viable lines of enquiry have been established. There was also no CCTV footage. If further evidence comes to light that will lead to the identification of the suspects concerned that these will be explored.”

Oya, born and raised in Stoke Newington, praised the local community for their response.

“Clients and the community have been amazing,” she said. “I’ve had texts, calls and flowers sent. Stoke Newington is brilliant and it’s times like this that people really come together here. This is what Stoke Newington is really about which is why I love living here.”

Community radio station Reel Rebel Studios, opposite Beautify, had £1,000 of mixing equipment stolen last year.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101, citing reference number 4611175/19.