Teddy bear to patrol Stamford Hill for two weeks as part of police charity awareness drive

Pc Edward Walker on patrol in Hackney. Picture: Hackney police

Pc Edward Walker on patrol in Hackney. Picture: Hackney police - Credit: Archant

Anyone who sees a teddy bear patrolling the streets in a police uniform needn’t worry – the government hasn’t resorted to hiring toys to protect the public.

Pc Edward Walker is travelling around the country to raise awareness of Care Of Police Survivors (COPS) – the UK charity supporting families of officers who have lost their lives on duty.

At the moment he’s with Stamford Hill Pc James Higgins, who got involved after seeing the campaign – started by Met detention officer Julia Berry – on Twitter.

“I’ve done nearly 12 years in the military and have witnessed many a colleague and friend die,” Pc Higgins told the Gazette.

“Everyone at the time would grieve for the fallen soldier but not always immediately grieve for the family of that soldier.

“The army had a way of making sure a soldier’s family remained the family of the regiment by actively supporting them through difficult times and keeping them involved with military events for many years later.

“So the minute I realised this was a charity in support of families I took immediate interest and wanted to do my bit.

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“A family, loved one or a just a close friend is so important to a police officer, as they are there through most of the stuff the public don’t see.

“It’s not easy for a police officer to deal with a sudden death or assist paramedics or fire crews with gruesome scenes, or even face a suspect that could potentially hurt or kill you.

“Police put on a brave face for the public and truly are brave. But it’s the families that see the officer with their guard down and do a brilliant job dealing with their true emotions. At times I believe the families have the more difficult job.”

A fundraiser has also been set up to raise money for COPS. Donations can be made here.