Thug launches ‘kung-fu kick’ attack on wheelchair-bound pensioner outside Dalston station

Anthony Hawkins. Picture: Polly Hancock

Anthony Hawkins. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

A wheelchair-bound pensioner was “kung-fu kicked” three times in a horrific attack outside Dalston Junction station.

The pensioner suffers from lung condition COPR. Picture: Polly Hancock

The pensioner suffers from lung condition COPR. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

Anthony Hawkins, who suffers from lung condition COPD, had left McDonald’s in Kingsland High Street and was waiting to cross Dalston Lane at 11pm on Sunday May 21 when a group approached him.

As he turned around in his chair, a woman aged about 30 launched a flying kung-fu kick at him, which broke the controller on his electric wheelchair and left him stunned.

“She ‘crescent kicked’ me three times,” he told the Gazette. “I have panic attacks because of being unable to breathe anyway, so you can imagine how I felt. It was not a pleasant situation to be in.”

The woman and her boyfriend then ran into Dalston Junction station and Anthony, 64, flagged down a police car and told them what happened.

But despite pointing out the woman in the station, he said the cops did nothing except take the details. A member of station staff then came out to check on Anthony, and told him the couple had been causing trouble in the foyer too and would be on CCTV.

“He said she’d been kicking off at people in the station too and they had it on camera,” Anthony added.

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“I didn’t get badly hurt, I was just shook up. I’m most concerned about what kind of people attack an old-age pensioner in a wheelchair.

“I wasn’t bothering anybody, I had just been to McDonald’s because I can’t cook in my condition. I’m entitled to go out at 11pm.”

Anthony said almost a week on the police have not got back to him.