Alleged organiser of illegal Hackney music event faces £10,000 fine

Two police men walk around a residential area.

Breaching Covid regulations could result in a fine of £10,000 - Credit: Metropolitan Police

The alleged organiser of an illegal music event held during lockdown is facing a £10,000 fine. 

Officers were called to Trowbridge Road, Hackney, at 3am on February 7 after members of the public reported hearing loud music and seeing more than 30 people gathered near Trowbridge Gardens.

On arrival, police say they found a crowd of people around two stacked shipping containers in breach of Covid regulations. 

Two officers on the scene say they asked people to leave but, given the numbers present, did not take enforcement action at the time.

An investigation was launched to track down the event organiser. 

On March 2, an alleged organiser was reported for consideration of a £10,000 fine.

Ch Insp Pete Shaw, from the Hackney and Tower Hamlets policing area, said: “I hope this hefty fine demonstrates that we will not tolerate blatant breaches of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe."