Video plea to find beloved camper van, ‘Nigel’

Niki with beloved Nigel

Niki with beloved Nigel - Credit: Archant

A Stoke Newington woman has launched a desperate campaign to find her beloved stolen camper van, called Nigel.

Pregnant Niki Holroyde of Evering Road had been planning a family holiday with her husband and baby after the birth but was shocked to find her darling VW camper van had been taken from right outside her home.

Beloved Nigel has been as far as Italy and Norway with the couple, who hoped to begin their family life by taking their newborn child on holiday.

Ms Holroyde said: “On Saturday [June 21] afternoon I spent about three hours cleaning him. We were planning on taking a family holiday shortly after our baby is born, so I was getting it all ready.

“He was taken from us on that night.

“We’ve spent a lot of time renovating him over the years.”

Ms Holroyde has made a YouTube video begging for the return of her “friend” Nigel, who has been part of the family for more than 15 years.

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She speaks fondly of her history with Nigel, including the huge refurbishment she gave him as he was “a little rough round the edges”.

Talking about the 1971 VW T2 camper van, who she calls her “pride and joy”, Ms Holroyde joked that Nigel “drinks petrol and sometimes misbehaves” but “at the end of the day always got us home safe and sound”.

The video has had more than 1,200 shares online, and 39-weeks pregnant Ms Holroyde wants help in tracking the vehicle down.

“Maybe someone might see him at a festival this summer or in some dodgy backstreet garage,” she said.

“I’m holding out for a happy ending and the safe return of Nigel.”

Camper van thefts are on the rise as crooks target the much-loved and valuable vehicles, which can sell for thousands of pounds.

n Anyone with information should contact police on 101.