‘Why wasn’t he at school?’: London’s new gang-busting squad finds huge ‘Rambo’ knife down pants of boy, 16, in Hoxton

The hunting knife found on a 16-year-old today by the Met's task force.

The hunting knife found on a 16-year-old today by the Met's task force. - Credit: police

Officers from London’s new gang-busting squad caught a 16-year-old boy with a huge “Rambo” hunting knife down his pants in Hoxton this morning.

The task force, which was set up this month to combat London’s violence epidemic, were patrolling “known crime hotspots and gang areas” at 11am when they saw the teenager clock them, do an about turn, and walk off quickly.

Officers got out of their car to speak to him, but he bolted, and police gave chase.

“Superior fitness and motivation of territorial support group officer assisted in catching him. Imagine if we didn’t,” tweeted a task force officer, alongside a picture of the massive serrated hunting knife.

“Stop and search works. Another death avoided!” they stated.

“My personal view is that if you could give those kinds of details more often it would underline the legitimacy of your use of #stopsearch powers. Good work by the officer incidentally – yes, v chilling,” said one person.

Plenty of other social media users joined in the discussion with questions.

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“Why wasn’t he in school? Where were the parents?” asked @Secret_ledger.

“Questions I’d also like to know,” replied the officer. “The investigating officers will cover that and take appropriate action. Let’s hope the courts take it seriously!”

“Feel so sorry for all the emergency services in London. Fighting against a tide of people who don’t care about the law and have no respect,” added @MagzyG1963.

One person asked if it was possible to connect the knife to any unresolved cases.

“Items can be forensically linked if there is blood etc on them, ergo proving a link via trace contact,” they replied.

“What are the risks of having an item like this ‘down one’s pants’ as you delicately put it?” asked @WPK_seamon.

“Well from stabbing himself to stabbing us and the public. I always authorised strip searches in custody. You’d be surprised what weapons people can hide on/in them.”

Plenty of people came forward with praise, including @nbody_n: “Fantastic work. Thanks to the brave officers for going after these feral youths in the first place.”

“Great work yet again and shows that stop & search is a must! Thanks for keeping us all safe and forget what the snowflakes say as the public are behind you 100%,” added @RKTax.

“What a thread! Shows that 99% appreciate what we do,” said the officer.