Wife who plotted ‘Isis-inspired’ murder of husband jailed

Nurten Taycur

Nurten Taycur - Credit: Archant

A wife who unwittingly hired an undercover cop to kill her husband in an “Isis-inspired” execution has been jailed for six years – but he still loves her.

Nurten Taycur, 28, stood motionless when the sentence was read out at the Old Bailey today, as her family watched on from the public gallery.

The mum-of-two had offered an officer, masquerading as a hitman named John, her £5,000 life savings to slit her Uber-driver husband’s throat and scrawl “Isis” on his car.

Taycur, of Dymchurch Close, Pembury Road, Lower Clapton, said she wanted to get him “out of her life”. She told the undercover cop she was having an affair, but her lawyers denied that was the case.

Sentencing her, judge Peter Rook said: “I have no doubt that you were deeply unhappy in your life and had never come to terms with the marriage you were expected to undertake at such a young age with a man you didn’t know.

“The marriage went ahead because you had to conform with the expectations of your culture and community. You regard it as a false marriage.”

He continued: “However frustrated and desperate you may have felt, such thoughts could never, ever, justify the dreadful plan you wanted to be carried out and you have to face the consequences of your actions.”

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He accepted that she may have been encouraged by the officer but said he couldn’t shy away from the fact she intended the plot to go ahead.

Taycur had first met “John” in Victoria Park in November last year, when he suggested stabbing her husband during a fake robbery attack.

But she said she would prefer the murder to look “Isis-inspired” as her Kurdish husband was part of the anti-Isis Turkish PKK group.

John suggested the body “could be taken to a farm in Wales and his body could be disposed of by feeding it to an animal”. But Taycur wanted his body to be found so it could be taken to Turkey and she could fake bereavement.

The day before the planned murder in December she supplied a photo of her husband, his car details and information allowing his movements to be tracked via a phone app. In a text that day she said how “excited” she felt.

Upon her arrest police found £4,000 in her home, which she was set to hand over after the murder having already parted with £1,000.

Judge Rook told her: “It was clearly your idea that the killing should be covered by making it look as though it was Isis-inspired.

“It may have been borne out of desperation but there was significant planning. There was no physical harm of your husband but there was and will be psychological harm to him and the family.

Taycur pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder in March. She must serve three years of her sentence, with the remainder on licence.

Her “devastated” husband Ercan Akan was said to be “completely shocked” when he found out about the plot. As he left the public gallery today in a pale blue suit he had his head in his hands.

Speaking outside via an interpreter, he said he believed his wife had “fallen into a trap” set up by unnamed people and that she was not guilty.

When asked if he still loved her he smiled and said “of course”.