Witness appeal: Hit-and-run victim from Hackney lucky to be alive but may never walk again

Pedestrian seeking justice urges witnesses to help her

A woman who may never walk again after she was seriously injured in a hit-and-run has appealed for the public’s help to catch the driver and bring him to justice.

Julie Creasey spent a month in intensive care after a speeding car hit her in Hackney Road in December.

She fractured her skull, broke several ribs and her nose as well as her legs in several places, and was told doctors she is lucky to be alive.

The 43-year old faces being permanently crippled or walking with a limp for the rest of her life.

Her boyfriend, Terry McCann, who was crossing the road with her at the time, recalled how he saw the car at the last minute and tried to drag her out of the way: “The car was doing 60 miles an hour easily on a 30mph road, There were no skid marks on the road after the collision meaning he just didn’t break.

“This car came from nowhere, Julie was sent flying about 6ft in the air, it was more horrific than anything I’ve ever seen,” he added.

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“When she hit the floor I looked at her and I thought she was dead, I couldn’t even go near her, I was like a headless chicken.

“He’s a coward, at the end of the day any person with morals would have stopped.”

Ms Creasey is now bedridden and staying with her boyfriend in Weymouth terrace, Haggerston, because she cannot manage the stairs at her home in Shepherdess Walk, Hoxton.

“I’m full of metal plates and screws in my legs, I feel sick, I feel distorted, I’m going out of my mind, I don’t know if I’ll ever walk properly again and if I do I’ll be left with a limp,” she said.

“I’m just really traumatised, I think I’m still in a bit of shock and don’t know if it’s hit me yet.

“Luckily enough I can’t remember it and I think that’s a good thing in a way or else I would have gone mad.”

The accident happened on December 20 at around 11.25pm, at the junction of Hackney Road with Hassard Street, before the car made off towards Kingsland Road through Cremer Street.

The driver is described as black and driving a grey or green vehicle which may have been a Vauxhall.

Police are appealing for any witnesses, and especially want to hear from any local garages which may remember repairing impact damage to a vehicle fitting the description.

Anyone with information should call the Met’s Traffic Unit on 020 7230 3959 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.