‘Zombie killer’ knife found in bush

The 'Zombie blade'

The 'Zombie blade' - Credit: Archant

A two-foot long knife dubbed a ‘zombie killer’ was found concealed in a bush.

The 'Zombie blade'

The 'Zombie blade' - Credit: Archant

The weapon was uncovered from the undergrowth by Pc Alex Ware, a Walthamstow-based officer, during a street sweep routine search in Hackney last Thursday.

Police suspect the weapon may have been hidden by gang members and is being examined for DNA and fingerprints.

Pc Gerry Campbell tweeted: “A recovered ‘Zombie Killer’ blade It terrifies & sickens me that such a weapon was in circulation! Views? #Taskforce”.

Zombie knives, are marketed for the most part in the United States to appeal to so-called “preppers” who are actively preparing for emergencies like a ‘zombie apocalypse’.

The version uncovered is advertised on Amazon as an ‘apocalyptic head decapitator killer sword’, and has a ‘razor sharp’ 17-inch stainless steel blade.

Knife crime among under-25s has risen by nearly 25 per cent in recent months, and the Met has launched Operation Omega to look for weapons hidden in public spaces.

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Tough laws have came into force tomorrow, after a spate of attacks in which seven teenagers have died so far this year in London.

The ‘two strike’ system will see repeat offenders being given mandatory six month prison sentences for carrying a knife.

The new policy was blocked by the Liberal Democrats during the last government, and the Tories claim it will jail an extra thousand offenders a year.

Last Friday in Stamford Hill, Sgt Adam Turvey found a stash of baseball bats which police suspect may have been intended as weapons.