Dalston Jazz Bar must close earlier following brawl

Dalston revellers will have to find somewhere else to party into the early hours after a popular late-night bar had its hours cut because of allegations of a serious assault there.

The Dalston Jazz Bar in Bradbury Street has had its licence reviewed by Hackney Council following the incident in November, in which police were called to reports of a man being attacked with a bottle during a fight.

Officers found the man outside the premises with his head split open, a report to the council said. The same document also claimed staff were found to have “mopped” up the crime scene, cleaning away any trace of blood.

After requesting CCTV footage, police found that it had only been switched on after they arrived and had not recorded anything from the point the venue opened.

Police also said they found staff to be “evasive and generally unco-operative during their visit.”

In addition, a police officer was assigned to the venue in March last year due to the high number of thefts there. On one night during the same month, officers also said they found the venue to be over-capacity by 63 per cent (130 people instead of 80).

On several other occasions, police claim that the club was unable to produce an incident log and the supervisor is said to have admitted to police that the CCTV camera was regularly off.

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The jazz bar has been made must now close at 3am instead of 5am on Fridays and Saturdays and at 12.30am instead of 3am Monday to Thursday.

It will now be closed on Sundays.

Local residents supported the review of the licence.

A Bradbury Mews resident, who has lived there for 15 years, said: “Throughout our years we have had to deal with the negative impact of the jazz bar.

“We live with the noise and disturbance, vile language, fights and shouting as well as the vomit, urine and much worse on our doorstep.”

Another resident in Bradbury Street said: “The other problem is that it gathers an incredible amount of people until the early hours of the morning and their shouts, screams and loud conversations reaches us easily. I had one lodger leave due to the noise.”

A Boleyn Road resident commented: “At one time the bar was nice, quiet and played jazz music. That was a decade ago. Now it has become a loud, frequently drunk mess.”

Regular Danielle Adam, 28, said: “It was a good place to go after everywhere else had closed. It has a lovely atmosphere and I’ve never seen any trouble there but I wouldn’t blame anyone living nearby from complaining about the noise.

“There were often crowds of people queuing up outside at all hours.”

Nobody from the venue was available for comment.