Dalston media project scoop interview with ex-presidential US candidate Herman Cain

A Dalston media project scooped what they believe is the first TV interview made by Herman Cain after he pulled out of the American presidential nomination race.

Revd George Hargreaves from Pentecostal church, the Hephzibah Christian Centre in Kingsland Road secured the interview with the Republican within days of his withdrawal, owing to unsubstantiated allegations regarding his sexual conduct.

“The day we landed Cain announced he was pulling out of the race because the heat had got too hot and it was affecting his family,” said Rev Hargreaves.

“Ours was, we believe, the first major interview he did after pulling out, and although I say so myself it was a good interview - he admitted some mistakes and I found it really powerful.”

The 40 minute interview was filmed in the USA by 19-year old unemployed Stoke Newington resident, Roselee Noel, who is an intern at the church’s television and media ‘Back to Work’ project.

The intern project gives work experience to unemployed young people in Hackney, who are seeking employment within the television and media industry.

“This was a trip of a lifetime,” said Roselee who lives in Howard Road.

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“Herman Cain was like a favourite Granddad. It is so sad that he is not in the race anymore. He would have made a great President.”

Work experience interns work each week on The Politics Programme which is presented live by Revd Hargreaves on Christian channel Revelation TV, Wednesday evenings at 9.00pm on Sky TV.

The interview will be aired on Revelation TV this Saturday evening (December 17) at 7:30pm.