Dalston photographer launches ambitious music project to raise money for Oxjam tomorrow night

The culmination of an ambitious photography and music community project takes place in a charity night tomorrow night (Tuesday October 25) when musicians will perform live, alongside photos capturing the essence of their songs.

After recording and producing the debut album for his band Belleville, Dalston photographer and musician Mark Hucks wanted to make the most of his recording equipment and new found skills – so he embarked on his Singing Faces project.

He posted ads on the web offering musicians a free recording session and a set of promo photos, in return for their time.

He then tried to capture elements of their songs and lyrics, as well as the musicians’ characters, in the photos he took of them.

“Inevitably some songs lent themselves to a photographic representation much more easily than others, so it was an enjoyable challenge,” said Mark.

“For me it was an opportunity to meet and collaborate with some other London musicians, to get some more experience producing and - perhaps of greatest interest - to take a set of linked and interesting portrait photographs of a set of people keen to be the subjects,” he added.

“I think anything in London which helps bring people together is a positive thing, especially where it is to achieve something practical and creative or to share skills and ideas.”

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All seven musicians and bands will play their songs alongside Mark’s photos of them on Tuesday in Native Tongue EC1 in Long Lane, near to the Barbican tube station.

Entrance costs �5 and all money will go to Oxjam.

For more information see www.oxfam.org.uk/Oxjam/Info/event/PickMeUpSingingFaces

To listen to the songs, view the photos and learn more about each of the participants, go to www.singingfaces.com

One of Mark’s photos from Singing Faces is on show in London Independent Photography’s 23rd annual exhibition at the Strand Gallery in John Adam Street until October 29.