Dalston primary school celebrates Jubilee with Pearly Queens

A jubilant party, attended by Pearly Queens, rounded off a week of Jubilee activities at a Dalston school last Friday (June 1).

Everyone dressed up in an outfit from a decade of the Queen’s reign for afternoon tea, songs, games and dancing in the playground at Queensbridge Primary School to celebrate all things British.

“We love dressing up,” said head teacher Sarah Bailey and the staff begun the week by dressing up as members of the Royal Family to ‘meet’ the pupils and answer their questions in assembly.

Then each year group was given a decade of the Queen’s reign to learn about. Year four found themselves in the Tutti Fruity 1950s whilst year six soared into the future.

Pupils flew back and forth through the decades, armed with ‘passports’ designed by two sisters at the school, to learn from their classmates about different parts of the Queen’s life.

“My staff really liked it,” added Ms Bailey. “The children are really excited and they all really pushed themselves with the costumes.”