Dalston supper club’s international success

A dining club set up in a former stockbroker’s Dalston home has raised nearly �20,000 for charity.

The Parkholme Supper Club, Parkholme Road, regularly sees 14 strangers come together to share an ambitious menu from around the world, gaining high praise and reviews on the way.

Unlike many supper clubs, however, all the proceeds from the meals go directly to international health charity Medecins Sans Frontieres.

It all began when Dalston resident Alicia Weston had time off work in September 2010 and wanted something to do.

“I was cooking a lot for my friends, all the time, and so I thought if people pay for the food then I can give it to charity,” said Ms Weston.

But word of the feasts, which often include more than 14 dishes, quickly spread and each supper is now quickly booked out. Each guest is asked to donate �35 to the Nobel Prize-winning Medecins dans Frontieres.

Former stockbroker Ms Weston, who has lived in eight different countries and worked in more, said “I come from a very food orientated background and so I can cook a really diverse range of food.”

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Although around half of her dinner guests come from the Hackney area, the table has also been graced by foodies from as far as Italy, America and India.

Despite the international element to her suppers and her diners, all the ingredients are bought only a short walk from her Hackney home, and the total amount for food is never more than �5 per person.

The chef continued: “We couldn’t do this without Ridley Road market. It is the life blood of this supper club.

“Whatever we can’t get there I can get from other local international stores. Everything is local.”

Upcoming supper themes and guest chefs include Ghanaian, Spanish, Mexican, a Passover festival and, on March 31, vegan food from all over the world.

For more information visit www.parkholmesupperclub.co.uk.