David Schwimmer and his Stoke Newington wife announce birth of baby daughter

Actor David Schwimmer and former Stoke Newington gal Zoe Buckman have announced the birth of their daughter Cleo.

She was delivered by Caesarian on May 8 in New York, but they only released the news on Monday via a spokesperson.

Later Schwimmer posted a photo on his Twitter account saying “Hey everyone. Please welcome my daughter, Cleo, to this crazy but wonderful world.”

Schwimmer 44, best known for his role as Ross on TV comedy Friends met 25 year old Zoe in 2007 when she worked as a waitress at the Cuckoo club in London.

Part time photographer Zoe moved to Los Angeles and they married last June.

Lately there have been rumours the pair have bought a home in Stoke Newington.