De Beauvoir artist depicts east London culture ‘ignored’ by politicians

Annie McGill

Annie McGill - Credit: Archant

An image maker is taking her inspiration from street markets to make artwork depicting a community and a lifestyle that she thinks politicians are ignoring.

Annie uses photos and street materials to make her images

Annie uses photos and street materials to make her images - Credit: Archant

Annie McGill, 21, who works from a studio in the Rose Lipman building, in De Beauvoir Road creates her images with materials she picks up on her travels around Hackney and photography.

She said: “I study fashion communications and I just started out photographing things that interested me. I took loads of pictures around Hackney and decided to stick things together to create images through my photography.

“I think a lot of people don’t have a positive outlook on these areas; they have such negative coverage in the media and I think it is important to show that it’s not like that - they can’t always be portrayed in a negative light. I am trying to celebrate a culture that is ignored

“I think it is giving the people a voice in a creative way and I feel that not many parties or politicians see the needs of these people and these areas, so I definitely feel that making these images and celebrating, gives them a voice that I want to be a positive thing.”

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Miss McGill said she was most inspired by the streets around her studio and enjoyed photographing the people nearby.

She said: “I think the markets and the people working in the markets are really inspiring as you get such a good energy from there. It shows ‘proper’ London – it is an honest environment where the people are trying to go about their day, trying to make a living and making the most their situation.

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“I take the pictures on my phone when I am walking around then I print them, chop them up and bring in materials from the market and screen print it all. They are really little basic things that I always see – like the blue plastic bags, burger boxes and other stuff I see on the street which I think brings it to life a bit more.”

The images will all go towards Miss McGill’s coursework and eventual graduate show which will take place in Shoreditch.

She said: “For this project we have to have a final piece and we are going to have a show so I want to do fly posters next and take pictures of them in the areas I have been inspired by.

“I think my work is thought provoking – I want to make people think and realise these areas aren’t everything you read about them – they are a beautiful thing, which makes London, London.”

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