Dissenters offer Mozart and much more in Stoke Newington

Dissenters London N16 proudly presents Mozart’s Requiem in Stoke Newington Town Hall on Saturday Oct

Dissenters London N16 proudly presents Mozarts Requiem in Stoke Newington Town Hall on Saturday October 10 at 5.30pm. Picture: Mac Campeanu - Credit: Archant

Splicing Shakespeare with Solomon Grundy might not be what you’d expect from your average choir, but then Stoke Newington’s songsters are reading from different hymn sheets to most.

Next weekend, new choir Young Dissenters join older sister Chorus of Dissent for a concert featuring Mozart’s Requiem, the Great Bard and a poppy surprise.

“This is about audience engagement and trying to get across different types of music,” said the Dissenters’ founder, sponsor and conductor, Ruth Whitehead.

The choirs are no stranger to mixing pop with classical, having partnered Elbow with both Bach and Beethoven.

“It’s got to be good though, it’s got to be musically excellent – we are striving for a very high standard,” said Ruth, who lives on Albion Road.

Under the umbrella of Dissenters London N16, the bassoonist-turned-conductor started the Chorus of Dissent around three years ago, and now also nurtures younger singers.

The “bouncing, six-month-old baby” is her pride and joy.

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“They are a lesson to us all, because they haven’t yet learnt any prejudice about different types of music.”

While Ruth conduct the adult choir, the youngsters are primarily led by musician and producer Harvey Brough.

Formerly part of 80s band Harvey and the Wallbangers, Harvey now works as a producer, arranger and composter, and penned a piece to be sung by the Young Dissenters.

The choirs will be joined by the Salomon Orchestra, and perform at Stoke Newington Town Hall next Saturday, October 10, at 5.30pm.

Doors open at 5pm. Tickets at £11 are available in advance from dissenterslondon.org or rwafinance.co.uk. U16s free. Early booking advised is. Seats are unreserved so arrive early for the best view.