Dogs damage park trees and furniture in Stoke Newington

Reports of dogs damaging trees and play equipment in Stoke Newington playground. The council is

Reports of dogs damaging trees and play equipment in Stoke Newington playground. The council is reminding people this is an offence and urges pet owners not to allow their dogs to do this (photo: Arnaud Stephenson) - Credit: photo: Arnaud Stephenson

The council is urging dog owners who encourage their dogs to damage park trees and furniture to stop, following a series of incidents on Stoke Newington Common.

The warning comes after play equipment in the N16 park’s playground has been damaged.

Trees have also been attacked as dogs have stripped bark off trunks and chewed branches. In some cases, this can lead to the death of trees and plants.

It is thought the practise could be due to irresponsible owners preparing dogs for fights, or for those unaware of the damage their animals are causing.

As well as this, small pieces of wood can lodge splinters in dogs’ mouths and throats, while larger pieces of wood can cause even greater internal problems.

The council has reminded the public that it is an offence to allow domestic animals to attack tress and park furniture. Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cabinet for health, social care and culture, said: “The damage is being caused by a very small number of dog owners allowing or encouraging their animals to attack trees and park property.

“Some of these people don’t realise the consequences of their actions and we would urge them to stop. We are also asking all residents to be vigilant and report incidents when they see them.”

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Cllr McShane added: “We are the greenest borough in inner London and we do not want to lose any of our tress as result of a minority of thoughtless dog owners.”

Anyone who sees an incident should report damage to the council’s parks department by email or by calling 020 8356 8428.

People can also alert their local safer neighbourhoods team on 020 8721 2340 or 0300 123 1212 in non-emergency circumstances.