Drivers’ group refuses to back Hackney Cycle Safe campaign over ‘go slow’ plea

A leading lobby group representing drivers in the UK has refused to join the Gazette’s Hackney Cycle Safe campaign, giving its views on the fight to reduce collisions.

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) said it would not sign up to the three pedal pledges designed to encourage cyclists, motorists and lorry drivers to take join responsibility for road safety.

Roger Lawson, ABD London region coordinator, said: “I don’t think our members would support a campaign that urges motorists to “go slow”.

“In general our members feel that there is an excessive emphasis on traffic speed as a factor in accidents, with speed limits often being set too low for example.

“I don’t see how motorists going slower would have much impact on the safety of cyclists. For example, many fatal accidents to cyclists involve HGVs or other large vehicles such as buses, and they typically are going pretty slow already.”

He said ABD was keen to improve cycle safety but suggested that the frequency of cycling collisions was mainly due to the increasing number of cyclists on the roads.

Do you think the speed of vehicles has an impact on the safety of cyclists in Hackney?

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