E5ROOTS food growing group launches in Upper Clapton

Hackney Councillor Ian Rathbone joined families in Clapton to mark the official launch of food-growing group E5ROOTS on the Jack Watts Estate.

Organic food, children’s arts activities and a drumming workshop attracted residents of all ages to admire the new vegetable beds at the estate in Detmold Road.

Begun by five residents last autumn, the group has already transformed empty planters outside the flats into leafy oases of fruit and veg and has their sites on other disused spaces.

“E5ROOTS is based on the idea that growing food is a fun activity that lots of residents – old and young – can get involved in, and that it will make the estate look nicer as well as helping everyone get to know their neighbours,” said member Danielle Cohen.

Regular workdays take place at The Community Flat, 10 Detmold Road on the second Sunday of every month, from 2-4pm. For more information email foodgrowing_jackwatts@yahoo.com