City Year corps mentors back up PM’s intention for “decade of social action.”

Young people from the youth education charity City Year went to Downing Street to coincide with the Prime Minister’s statement promoting social action in the UK.

David Cameron announced the government’s intention to conduct a review into how young people can engage in service to their communities, in a “decade of social action.”

Zach Hinckson volunteers for the City Year charity which provides young mentors in three Hackney primary schools, went along to Number 10 with fellow mentor Shakela Uddin.

“A lot of the pupils I support don’t read at home, don’t know people who are in work, and don’t feel that life offers them much,” said 19-year old Zach who works at Shacklewell Primary School in Shacklewell Lane

“When I put my uniform on every morning I feel like I’m able to make a difference, because they look up to me, see a bit of themselves in me, and trust me when I tell them that their hard work will be rewarded.

“I’ve helped my class teacher to get almost every pupil in the year up to their expected level this year, and when the head teacher tells people how important my help was in achieving that result I feel really really proud.”