Princess May Carnival: Adorable pics from annual festival at Stoke Newington primary school

Carnival at Princess May Primary School.

Carnival at Princess May Primary School. - Credit: John M Fulton

Youngsters dressed up as safari animals to parade in the streets for their school’s annual carnival at the weekend – despite a power outage.

Crocodiles, penguins, lions, monkeys, tigers, zebras, snakes and exotic birds could be seen dancing around outside Princess May Primary School in Stoke Newington on Friday.

Head Stephen Spooner said: “The carnival and international event brings together our communities, enabling them to share food, music and dance in a colourful, harmonious and vibrant atmosphere.

“Despite our generator breaking down so our street parade was unaccompanied by music, the children had great fun displaying their costumes.”

Several pupils from the school in Stoke Newington Road put on dancing and musical performances along with up-and-coming rappers J R Josephs and InderPaul and jazz band the Edison Herbert Quartet.

Games like “hook a duck” and bouncy castles amused the youngsters following the parade.

Dajanye Smith-Russell, 11, said: “Princess May Carnival was one of the best. Everyone was dancing, shouting with joy. The music was very loud and the international evening was amazing because everyone was dressed up in the wonderful costumes and dancing.”