Hackney schoolchildren celebrate world cultures at sports day

Cultures of the world came together at a Hackney Primary school on Monday (June 25) when they hosted a world sports day.

Children at Brook Community Primary School, Sigdon Road, begun the day by making flags before parading them in the opening ceremony of their very own sports day.

After singing the national anthem, pupils headed to Britannia Leisure Centre in Hoxton for an afternoon of sport, including basketball and table tennis alongside running races.

They also celebrated the culture of Jamaica, which the school decided to support in the Olympics alongside Great Britain, and sung a Bob Marley song.

P.E. teacher Cheryl Barlow-Marshall said: “It was a great day and it was really nice to have the sun shine while we did our opening ceremony. It was a lovely start to the day.

“The pupils had a wonderful time and they said to me they want to do it all again.”

Children aged 6-11 planned the day, including selling programmes and setting up in the playground.

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