Inspired youngsters in Hackney Wick enter the world of print

Creative children in Hackney Wick became freelance writers after a magical printing press set up home in their school.

Pupils from Gainsborough Primary School, Berkshire Road, were inspired to write their own stories after stepping inside Grey’s Printing Press, staged by Punchdrunk Enrichment.

Head teacher Clare Pike said: “The children absolutely adored it. It generated a really lovely hubbub across the school.

“It planted an idea in the children’s minds which can grow into something bigger and better.

“Staff were inspired too and I’m interested to see whether it has impacted on pupils’ writing levels.”

Year three pupil, Phoebe Kennard, 8, said: “Grey’s Printing Press was plain and dull and then we turned it coloured with our imagination.

“I felt scared at first but then it was really fun.”

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Vacoy Farrell, 7, said: “We were writing stories for the printing press and it was great.

“The press was fun because you found all sorts of things inside.”

One of the ‘printers’ from Punchdrunk, George, said: “It’s nice to see kids awestruck, especially ones who are very shy.

“In 20 years time I hope one child will become an author because of what they did here.”