Jenny Jones visits The Crib

Workshops at a Hackney youth club, designed to bridge the gap between young people and the police, have been applauded by London Assembly Member Jenny Jones.

The Crib Youth Club, based in Balmes Road, De Beauvoir, runs regular Trading Places workshops, which see young people and police officers come together to discuss the role of the police in London, the usage of ‘stop and search’ and the way in which each group perceives each other.

Youngsters are given the opportunity to switch roles with the police and carry out ‘arrests’ on officers.

Green party member Jenny Jones came to witness the workshops first hand, in a bid to learn about the services available to young people in London to try to establish what the Mayor and Greater London Authority can do to improve life for young Londoners.

“Last year’s riots showed that trust between officers and youngsters is a very contentious issue so the initiatives that “The Crib” are working on are vital if we are to improve relations for the good of the whole community,” she said.

“I was very impressed by “The Crib” and its forward-thinking projects. This is a dynamic organisation that is helping young Londoners get a better start in life.”