Negative perceptions of migrants overturned during Refugee Week at Hackney Museum

Youngsters with the Speaker of Hackney

Youngsters with the Speaker of Hackney - Credit: Archant

School children heard stories about their peers who have sought refuge in the borough after fleeing their homes across the world, as part of Refugee Week at Hackney Museum.

The national initiative aims to raise awareness and understanding of the reality of being a refugee, and the contribution they make to the UK.

The Speaker of Hackney, Cllr Rosemary Sales, who attended the event, said: “With so much negative publicity about refugees and migrants, it is great to see positive messages being given about people who come to this country seeking refuge.

One of the Speaker’s chosen charities this year is Hackney Migrant Centre, which offers support for refugees and other migrants, helping them to access legal advice and health care and social support.

Kaya, 11, a year six pupil from Mossbourne Parkside Academy said: “We’re here happily living our lives with our Playstations and mobile phones.

“I’ve got everything handed to me on a plate, but not everyone has that and it’s important to remember that during Refugee Week by remembering people who are suffering and thinking about how we can help.”