How much does it cost to live near Hackney's best schools?

A brand new secondary school and sixth form is opening in Shoreditch Park

Parents can find out where the best schools in Hackney are and how much it costs to live near them - Credit: Jamie Smith

Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent in Hackney and across the UK. 

And, being able to send your child to a school that's Outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted is often a factor in where families set up home.

With that considered, we've created an interactive map which shows you how much it will cost to live near one of the top 30 schools in Hackney. 

South East Hackney

Hackney Wick, King's Park, Homerton and Victoria

Olive free school pupils on the steps of their current school

Pupils from Homerton's The Olive School, which has been rated "outstanding" by Ofsted - Credit: Archant

Four of Hackney's best schools - three primary, the other secondary - are in Homerton near Homerton High Street and Morning Lane.

House prices in the vicinity near the schools range from £500,000 to £545,000.

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One top primary school, can be found in nearby King's Park, where buying a home can set families back by £245,000 to £960,000 depending on the neighbourhood. 

An "Outstanding" nursery and primary school are located in Hackney Wick where house prices range from £390,000 to more than £700,000 depending on the postcode. 

South West Hackney

De Beauvoir, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Haggerston and London Fields

South-west Hackney has some of the costliest neighbourhoods in the borough.

London Fields has two top primary schools and Haggerston has one, with house prices in Haggerston starting at £407,500.

In London Fields, buying a house next to top schools could cost more than £700,000 to well over a £1million. 

Five of the best schools in Hackney can be found in Hoxton, Shoreditch and De Beauvoir.

Houses in those nearby areas cost an average of £398,000 in some postcodes and more than £1m in others. 

Central Hackney

Lea Bridge, Hackney Downs and Hackney Central

There are two top schools in the Lea Bridge area, including secondary school Clapton Girls Academy and a primary school. 

Areas in the north of Lea Bridge are more affordable with many costing around £350,000 to £500,000.

House prices increase in some areas towards the centre and south of the district with one neighbourhood having an average house price of £1,128,500. 

In Hackney Downs, one top school can be found. 

The Boxing Academy free school offers high quality education to young people through the discipline of boxing.

Average house prices in the area range from just under £500,000 to £659,000. 

Two of the best schools in the borough are located on the border between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central.

Depending on the neighbourhood house prices in the vicinity range from £373,000 to more than £700,000. 

North Hackney

Cazenove, Stamford Hill, Clissold, Woodberry Down and Stoke Newington

There is one top primary school in Cazenove ward in the Upper Clapton area. House prices nearby range from about £375,000 to £810,000.  

Living near the two best primary schools in Stamford Hill could cost families as little as £250,000 in some areas or upwards of £500,000. 

Those wanting their children to attend William Patten Primary School in Stoke Newington could find house prices costing in excess of £1m. 

Nearby "Outstanding" rated schools in Woodberry Down, Clissold and Shacklewell, including specialist school The Garden School, have average property prices of around £500,000 to more than £700,000.