Popular Stoke Newington art teacher remembered through art award

Deborah Reade

Deborah Reade - Credit: Archant

Three budding young artists will get their work framed, as part of an award set up a decade ago in memory of a school teacher, Deborah Reade, who passed away.

Theda Peirce, left, Amelie Grice and Freddie Pashby are the winners of this year's 'Deborah Reade Ar

Theda Peirce, left, Amelie Grice and Freddie Pashby are the winners of this year's 'Deborah Reade Art Awards' - Credit: Archant

Deborah Reade was an early years’ teacher at William Patten School in Stoke Newington Church Street where she ran an afterschool art club, when she died in 2003 aged just 42.

Ms Reade had taken maternity leave in 2002 to have her son Miles, but shortly after the birth she was diagnosed with cancer and she never returned to the school.

Peter Wisbey, her former partner, who presented the children with their awards last week said: “Deborah was much loved and encouraged her pupils in their creativity.

“Before she died, she asked that after she had gone the children at the school would continue to be encouraged in their art and suggested some form of competition and award.

“It makes me feel proud that the award is still running and that it is so popular.

“Although there are no children there now who knew Deborah I still think of it as a testament to her popularity.”

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The Deborah Reade Art Award runs every term, and so far there have been 30 competitions comprising of 90 winners from each key stage.

The winning three paintings are displayed in the school until the following term’s winners replace them.

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